We believe Client Professional speaks for itself, but here are some testimonials from customers who are using it as a core part of their business.

We have been using All2Ezy Client Professional now for 2 years and can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions we have made in our business. More

Prior to All2Ezy I used ACT and found it was not suitable at all for our GI Business. All2Ezy has been tailored for our General Insurance Business and as the name suggests is easy to use.

We are now using it to store all client information, file notes and documents and are almost at the stage of being a paperless office. The amount of time it has freed up in our office is amazing and everything from talking to clients, reviewing files, sending certificates of currency, renewals and new business is such an easy process and much less time consuming.

I would recommend you look into it for your business.

Jenny Sharman - Professional Insurance Solutions Australia

We commenced using All2Ezy nearly three years ago after struggling with the restrictions of ACT for way too long.

All2Ezy allows us to have a completely paperless office. All client correspondence including emails, are easily attached to the client within the Database.... More

so all documents, file notes and relevant client information is electronically stored in the one place. Outstanding tasks are entered and printed each morning for follow up.

We are able to run many varied reports to suit our needs, whether it be cross selling, marketing or Financial Reports. Reports can then be easily converted into Mail Merges.

I would recommend this product for any one that is looking for a database that is easy to use.

Sandra Degasperi - Parkway Insurance Services

Amicus has been using All2Ezy Client Professional as our main Customer database for over 8 years now. It allows us to capture all the data we need about our clients and doesn’t force us to enter anything we don’t want. We use it to record and maintain our compliance, our policy information... More

and consolidate some of our reporting across both licenses. Now that we have our database over 95% correct we have started to get some real business benefits by utilising the information to automatically create checklists, documents and client letters. This has saved us a lot of time and reduced the “repeat” errors in our documentation. We are looking forward to taking the next step in using it to help streamline some of our other processes and to drive more of our client marketing.

Scott Martin - AMICUS Insurance Services Pty Ltd

We use Client Professional as our CRM. For our business a CRM needs us to be able to register a clients review frequency and remind us upcoming events, service offerings, and all communications we have with that client. More

Other CRMS’s have been over complicated, and are tedious to update. Their screens are far too busy thinking that you want every piece of information possible staring at you. Client Professional will only show information you want.

I have been really impressed with the ability of All2Ezy to adapt to my business. Adding screens and functionalities to suit you is seamless. Other CRM’s want you to change to suit them, and making any changes to suit your business is almost impossible.

I am very happy with the low cost of Client Professional, as you do struggle to feel you're getting value for what others offer. There is real value here.

Daniel Boce - Lifestyle Solutions Financial Planning