Client Professional: Features

The following is a summary of some of the features provided by Client Professional:

  • Individual and Company Clients with specific data entry screens
  • Personal and Business Relationships between any Clients
  • Non-Client Relationships supported, allowing a household view
  • Unrivalled Policy capture - including Portfolio Care, Income Protection, Employee and Employer Superannuation, Term Insurance, Annuities and Pensions, Domestic and Commercial General Insurance
  • Unlimited Notes per Client, Policy or Claim
  • Archival of Notes (permanently non-modifiable) for ASIC compliance
  • Task Allocation
  • FSR Document Tracking
  • Client Rating and Review System
  • Important event reminders, such as Client Birthdays and Policy Anniversaries
  • 'Adhoc' Reporting allowing you to enquire upon any field in the database
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Document Management/Storage
  • Client Email Management
  • Easy creation of your own Document Templates eg. for letters or brochures.
  • User Definable Fields and Customizable choice lists
  • Can operate with multiple databases allowing you to segment General and Non-General Insurance Clients (Compliance benefit).