Client Professional: Features


The Notes screen is a mini word-processor, allowing you to format text so that important fact and figures stand out. If used correctly, the Notes area will save you a huge amount of paperwork.

There is no limit to the number of Notes that can be attached to a Client, Product or Claim. The system automatically keeps track of when the Note was created and when it was last modified. When adding notes you have the option to categorized them and create follow-up tasks in the Todo List.

The keeping of electronic notes has compliance implications, in particular the ability to modify a note after the event, ie. “to rewrite history". To cater for this, a facility is provided where notes can be archived, preventing further modification and deletion permanently. The system keeps track of when each note was archived. In the majority of cases, you will probably archive a note immediately after entering the information. However, there will be cases where a note may remain active for a number of days.