Client Professional: Features

Document Management

One of the more important issues facing many small business is managing the large number of documents so that they can be easily referenced when needed.

A document management facility is provided so that you can centralize document templates for regular correspondence or marketing brochures, as well as client specific documentation, eg. an insurance quotation.

By using this feature, depending upon the document type, it can be viewed from any workstation. which may mean increased productivity in your office. E.g. A receptionist can click on a client's financial plan, previously saved as a word document, rather than having to load and use the actual financial planning software.

There is no restriction on the type of document that can be stored, it could be a PDF file, a scanned image, or an excel spreadsheet.

Tracking Compliance Documentation

Client Professional allows you to keep track of compliance documents, such as an FSG or PDS, you have sent to a particular client and when. This is an important compliance feature as per the Financial Services legislation.