Completed Change Requests

The following requested changes have been completed:

Request NoDescriptionVersion Released
1-20These change request numbers were internal changes as part of initial development.1.1
21Provide an Advanced Find facility in Client Maintenance.5.0
25Provide a quick search by Phone Number in Client Maintenance.5.0
26Add wheel mouse support to the Client Summary.3.41
27Provide a facility in Adhoc Reports for users to create their own layouts.3.01
28When starting Client Maintenance automatically display one of the search screens.2.24
29Include Portfolio Care Products for Hillross Advisers.2.24
30Provide a facility to choose the punctuation when building the default Mailing Name for Individual Clients.2.24
31Trade Insurance Contract needs updating.3.41
32Please update Business Insurance to include the following: 1. Need to be able to enter Sum Insured for each Risk. 2. Add the General Property Risk.3.41
33When you click on Partner when adding a new Financial Profile, is it possible for the client's surname to automatically populate the choice list.4.0
34Allow the Occupation Class Picklist to be modifiable.5.0
35Allow the Health Assessment Picklist to be modifiable.5.0
37Provide a Change Adviser Number Utility.3.42
39Advanced User Administration facilities required, eg. Do not allow specific users to Delete Clients.4.0
45Change 'Superannuation Plans' Contract as follows: 1. Allow up to four beneficiaries 2. Allow up to four Rollovers, incl Date, amount and source.3.41
45aThe Group/Employer Super Contract needs updating.3.41
46Need to alter the allocated Annuity/Pensions screen as follows: Remove the installment, Stamp Duty and Annual Premium Fields.3.41
47Allocated Annuity/Pension screen: 1. Remove the Class of Business field. 2. Increase Policy Type to cater for the description 'Guaranteed Annuity'.3.41
48Darken the lines on the Client Details Report perhaps make dotted.3.41
49Merge the Occupation Group and Industry Picklists.3.41
50Merge the Income Continuation and Business Insurance Overheads into one Contract type called 'Income Protection'.3.41
51Remove all references to 'AWB' and 'CDB4W'. These no longer apply today. All of these AMP specific contract types can no longer be chosen for new Contracts.3.41
53Would be good if there was a box to tick asking if postal address is same as residential, so that address would automatically flow through and we don't have to type it in twice.3.41
54The Map Reference field is not present for Company Details, can we add it please ?4.0
56Allow Folders within Folders in Document Manager.3.41
57Allow Files to be sorted by either Name or Date.3.41
58A 'Tools & Equipment' field is needed under Trade Insurance - Construction Option under 'Other Cover'.3.45
59Please place a Pet Cover option under Home Contents - This is because some people have Pet Cover who do not having Building Insurance.3.45
61Can we have a utility so that we can cull contracts/clients via adviser no.3.42
62Can we add attitude to Risk fields for a Client.3.45
63Please show Underwriter and Policy Type for Contracts in left hand side.4.0
64Please add a place under the superannuation fund members screen to enter TSC benefits (income insurance).3.41
65Can we add a facility to import multiple files at once.4.0
66For Home Insurance Building details we need a field to enter the year of construction and the type of construction.4.0
67Please allow a space as the mail seperator in Preferences.4.0
68Is it possible to provide a way to identify Client and Non-Client relationships on the LHS of the screen, possibly using an asterisk or colours?4.0
69Add Mobile Phone number to the "Account Statement excludes General Insurance" Report.4.0
70Please add Farm Insurance.5.0
71Please add Boat Insurance.5.0
72Please alter the Financial details of General Insurance as follows: "Total Premium" to become "Premium" and add a new calculated Field "Total Payable" just after the terrorism charge field.4.0
73Please provide a field for Fund Balances for Superannuation Members.4.0
74Please add "Needs Analysis" to the FSR Document Dropdown.4.0
75Please add "General Advice Warning" and "No Advice Warning" to the FSR Document Dropdown.4.0
76Can the FSR History be locked similar to Archived Notes ?4.0
77Can we have an After Hours Email Field added to Individuals.4.0
78Please add a Tick box to both Home Building and Contents for Domestic Workers Comp.4.0
79Please add a Rent Default/Tennant Theft Tickbox and a Loss of Rent Field to the Home Building Option.4.0
80Please add a Specified Items Option to the Motor Policy.5.0
81Please Default Review mail and OK to Call To Checked for New Clients.4.0
82Can you make the Review Type Picklists modifiable.5.0
83Please add a No Claim Discount on the Motor Vehicle, Vehicle Details screen.5.0
85Can we show current contracts in a different colour than inactive ones.5.0
86Please update the postcode file.5.0
87Please add the facility to add Contract Notes and Documents.5.0
88Please update the Tax Rates.5.0
89Please add Privacy Statement to the FSRA Dropdown list.5.0