Outstanding Change Requests

The following requested changes still remain outstanding:

Request NoDescriptionStatus
22Allow Files to be attached to Notes as well as storing in the document area.Pending
23Provide a utility to identify potential duplicate Clients.Approved
24Include Role codes in the Client Summary.Rejected
36Provide a tickbox on investment options indicating that they are a closed investment.Approved
40Provide a facility to generate a Certificate of Currency.Approved
42Provide a facility to generate a PDF (and perhaps Word) version of the Reports.Approved
44Provide a facility to view and change file attributes in Document Manager.Rejected
52Need to add a Unit Trust Investment Product. This is very similar to 'Investment Funds' except for the member details.Pending
55Put an asterisk next to those folders in document manager which contain files.Rejected
60Can we have a facility to archive notes, say over 7 days old? We need to archive some notes but cannot use the Archive all function, as some notes are for future dates.Approved
84Please add Type of Security to the Home Building Risk.Approved